Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

Phnom Penh Red Light Districts

I’m guessing if you’re from Europe or the US areas you might refer to hostess bars as red light districts in Phnom Penh. I can see why, when most of the bars have red oriented lighting themes and pain scheme.

I always associated red light districts with more sexually direct bars, such as those in Amsterdam or Bangkok. Here in Phnom Penh the sex bar industry is not for the westerners, only the Asian market that pays more and can get away with things because they aren’t catering for westerners. Or so the rumor goes. So we’re stuck with hostess bars, where a pretty young girl will sit with you and  perhaps massage your weary shoulders  while you  enjoy a conversation she barely understands, all for a small lady drink.

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What’s a ‘Lady Drink’ you ask. About $3.50 in most bars but the price can go up if you want to get them drinking spirits or expensive beers.