Money, what to use, where to get it.

Running out of money is a problem of the past. There are ATM’s everywhere now, allowing locals to pay their bills or tourists to extract money from their overseas accounts.

The Reil has been roughly pegged at 4000 KHR to the USD, this is observed in many businesses but not all so you may see signs saying the local rate in a shop is not 4000.

There are also foreign currency stalls allowing you to change you Thai Baht, Euro or Pound’s as well as other currencies.

Withdrawing money from the ATMs is simple, put your card in punch in your PIN select if you want United States Dollars or Riel and take your money. However some ATM’s, notably the ones run by the ANZ Royal group have a $5 US charge on non bank customers so avoid taking small amounts out. Annoyingly enough some machines will dispense $100 notes if you choose to take out $100, this can be a problem if you are visiting smaller bars and restaurants as they may not be able to make change easily. Consider taking out $80 or $120 so you’ll have some smaller notes.

ANZ have the biggest installed base of ATMs in Cambodia and has raised the bar for service and services since they entered the market. The other banks are catching up or have already caught up in these respects.

If you are hoping to pay your restaurant, bar or hotel bill with your credit card it is worth checking with them before you spend to much money as you might not be able to withdraw enough money in one day to pay your bill.

Here’s a list of some of the banks in Cambodia, you might wonder why a country with such a small population needs so many different banks.

If you would like some more information about finding an ATM or bank in Phnom Penh please visit the forum on the Phnom Penh Information website