Welcome to One Zero Four Bar


Our aim is to have satisfied customers and happy staff. We are committed to running a business that is safe, honest and ethical, and this is our code of practice that helps us maintain those standards.

We don’t inflate customer bills. You may come across this practice in other bars, but not here. If you think your bill is incorrect, please speak to the person who has been serving you at once, or to the cashier or manager, and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue quickly. Likewise it would be nice if you’d point out when our staff have made and error in your favour.

If you have an issue with any member of staff, please speak to our manager or cashier about it straight away. We want to resolve any problems and make sure that we provide a pleasant, welcoming experience for everyone at One Zero Four bar. We welcome all your comments, both positive and negative.
Our staff are trained to treat our customers ethically and with respect, and we expect the same respect from our customers for them.

Hygiene standards 
These are a top priority for us. Our staff are trained in good hygiene practice in food and drink preparation. Please let us know if you see anything that needs our attention.

We do not allow any kind of illegal drug use in our bar. We have a zero-tolerance policy on this: if any customer is seen to be in possession of, or taking, any illegal drugs, they will be asked to leave immediately.
One Zero Four reserves the right to refuse entry to, or eject from the bar, any customer who may be considered to be highly intoxicated, abusive, aggressive or annoying to our staff or other customers. Don’t let’s have an argument about this: the manager’s decision on this will always be final.

We value our staff’s health and we hope you do too.
We hope that you agree that buying a member of staff a ladydrink is a way of thanking her for her company rather than a way of getting her excessively drunk. There’s not a lot of fun in having a young woman throw up all over you when she’s had one to many.
If you offer to buy a staff member a drink, she may request that it’s alcohol-free: please respect her choice. It won’t make her any less sociable or attentive. She may have specific medical reasons for her choice, or she may just feel that she has had enough alcohol for one night and having any more will make her ill.
Our aim is to ensure you have an enjoyable evening while our manager supports our staff in their choices.
Remember you’ll get more flies with honey than you will have with vinegar.


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